The spotlight that HYDEA turned on territorial and envirnmental sciences reflects the evolution that concered these disciplines. Once fulfilling a function of mere protection of natural resources, today they are considered a pivotal instrument for territorial management and socio-economic development.

Therefore, HYDEA offers today a wide range of services related to Environment and Circular Economy.

The Environment and Territory division within HYDEA operates alongside the whole chain of territorial planning and naturalistic and environmental sciences. the company boasts many years of experience in the designing of basin plans, hydrogeological and water plans, pedology, environmental impact studies and in the monitoring of natural components, in particular soil, vegetation and fauna. It deals with projects of environmental recovery and urban renewal, for recreational and naturalistic purposes.

HYDEA’s integrated design projects can benefit from the Environment sector in the designing of outdoors spaces, green areas, and landscaping for urbanisation works, shopping centres and wineries.

Thanks to the use of GIS systems, it has also specialised in the creation of thematic cartography and planning tools, on behalf of private clients and governamental authorities, supporting them in urban and land planning.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, HYDEA has recently added consultancy and planning activities related to waste management and disposal, in particular of municipal solid waste, a sector in which HYDEA has quickly built an international reputation.


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