Company Profile

Founded in 1990 as an architecture and engineering company, HYDEA quickly expanded its business by merging with competitors and through strategic acquisitions of smaller practices dealing with environmental studies, landscaping and architectural design.

The architectural side of the practice gained momentum in 1995, when the well-known architectural studio Pier Luigi Spadolini & Associates merged with HYDEA.

As of 2002-03, the company consolidated its position in the field of integrated building engineering and successfully pursued a few niche markets, including wineries and shopping outlets. In this latter domain, HYDEA enjoys an international reputation as the architectural designer of a considerable number of outlets in Western Europe and North America.

Meanwhile, HYDEA built up its international presence in the field of water engineering and infrastructure development and acquired numerous engineering and technical assistance contracts in Africa, the Middle East, and South America, with funding from the European Union, the World Bank and other international donors.

Over the years, HYDEA has also been active in the restoration and adaptive reuse of historic buildings. This prompted the company to start consulting in the field of cultural heritage. This activity evolved into a stand-alone department in 2003.

Recently, there has been a significant expansion of our international activities in the environmental sector, in the field of solid waste management, the most recent of Hydea’s areas of expertise.

HYDEA today

  • is a private, joint-stock company whose shares are entirely owned by the company’s management

  • around 2/3 of annual revenue is from overseas operations

  • has a branche in China RP

  • Is among the first architectural firms in Italy, measured by revenue (Report Norsa)

  • has a staff of approx. 60, mainly engineers and architects

  • makes use of BIM software to plan and design buildings and physical infrastructure

HYDEA today

  • is UNI ISO 9001:2015 certified (2011)

  • is UNI ISO 14001:2015 certified (2018)

  • is UNI ISO 45001:2018 certified (2021)

  • is the Italian partner of Europengineers, a network of leading European consultants and engineers providing a comprehensive range of services throughout the world

  • is a member of OICE (Associazione delle organizzazioni di ingegneria, di architettura e di consulenza tecnico-economica)




Marco Baldini


Aluizio Neves Costa


Luciano Luciani

Degree in Forestry | Head of Department, Environment

Karim Safa


Paolo Lazzoni

Business Development (Overseas Operations) | Project Manager

Alix Afferni

Business Development | Communication & Graphic Design

Andrea Deserventi

Degree in Forestry | Business Development (National Operation)

Caterina Ovazza

Architect | Project Manager

Giorgio Salimbene

Architect | Project Manager

Maurizio Papini


Andrei Perekhodtsev

Principal Architect | Head of Department, Architecture

Leonardo Carucci


Ascanio Fanciullotti


Monica Bini


Isabella Parigi

Office Manager

Dolores Malara


Vincenzo Donato

Building Engineer | BIM Manager

Pietro Bruscoli

Civil Engineer | Technical Director | Director | Head of Department, Architecture & Building Engineering

Alberto Brizio

Head of Department, Culture & Cultural Heritage

Niccolò Brusini


Costanza Molesti

Building Engineer

Alessio Cruciani

Architect | BIM Specialist

Christophe Graz

Architect | Cultural Heritage Specialist | Manager, Brussels Office

Viviana Ferraro

Administration & Accounting

Zeno Romano

Civil Engineer | Project Manager

Leonardo Furia

Civil Engineer | Project Manager

Sawsan Mohsen

Civil & Environmental Engineer | Head of Department, Infrastructure (Overseas Operations)

Simona Venturi

Administrative Assistant

Andrea Colzi


Serena Sangaletti


Stefano Monni

Civil Engineer | Head of Department, Infrastructure (National Operations)

Fabio Berardi

Hydraulic Engineer | Consultant, Infrastructure (Overseas Operations)

Paolo Giustiniani

Civil Engineer | Chairman & CEO

Giulio Tona

Degree in Forestry | Project Manager

Benedetta Meucci

Architect | Landscaper | Project Manager

Andrea Del Bono Venezze

Mechanical Engineer

Dimitri Abbado

Geologist | Director | Head of Department, Circular Economy & SWM

Gabriele Vergelli

Civil Engineer

Simone Carotti

Environmental Engineer

Carlo Mazzetti

Civil Engineer

Chiara Piovanelli

Civil Engineer | Project Manager

Lorenzo Lapini

Director | Head of Department, Administration & Finance

Silvia Cavina


Alessio Belardi


Nancy Barliza

Business Development (Overseas Operation)

Enzo Floridi

Hydraulic Engineer | Project Manager

Alessandro Scarponi

Architect | Project Manager

Silvia Marcello


Marco Befani

Civil Engineer | Project Manager

Stefania Rontani

Administrative Assistant | Business Development (National Operations)

Camilla Floridi

Civil Engineer

Maurizio Ignesti


Luigi Scorza

Architect | Country Manager PRC

Luca Frassanito

Architect | Project Manager

Martino Piccioli

Architect | Project Manager

Shirley Wang

Administration and Accounting

Jodie Du

Administrative Assistant

Qian Zhonghui

Civil Engineer | Business Development

Sebastian Maso

Architect | Project Manager