Restoration of Servette Mining Site


Concept design and work supervision services for the recovery and valorisation of the abandoned mine Servette in Saint-Marcel, Val d’Aosta; set- up of the museum in the «Viviminiera» Documentation Centre.

The recovery and enhancement of the dismissed Servette mining site was a pilot project proposed in the Valle d’Aosta Region Development Plan and financed with European funds ERDF 2007/2013. The idea was to make known this heritage site since it is of considerable scientific and historical interest, as iron- copper and manganese mineralization have been used since Roman times and then in the Middle Ages.
The intervention was designed with the aim of supporting sustainable tourism development, given that the site receives over 8,000 visitors a year. To this end, the «Viviminiera» Documentation Centre was designed, set-up and completed, with all the communication activities up and running.
The Documentation Centre consists of a museum exhibits area, a didactic/experimentation area and a space for temporary exhibitions. While visiting «Viviminiera» the visitor is guided along a path which highlights the territorial values of the Valle d’Aosta in general, and in particular, those intrinsic to the town of Saint-Marcel and the ancient mines of Servette.

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2011 – 2015

Saint-Marcel Town Council, Valle d’Aosta