Perseverance Landfill


Integrated solid waste management strategy, with design and work supervision of the semi-aerobic landfill of Perseverance and renaturation of the old landfill. The project included environmental studies, a leachate recycling plant, a constructed wetland and a building for the waste pickers.

The existing unconsolidated colluvium at the new landfill site was not conducive to the substantial earthwork proposed in the preliminary project. Therefore, HYDEA provided some innovative project proposals, based on semi-aerobic landfills which were suitable for the tropical conditions in Grenada and recommended the creation of an encircling berm, thus succeeding in reducing the loss of useful volume to the bare minimum.
Furthermore, the unit cost, per unit volume of disposed waste, fell significantly (25%). The project included the closure of the old landfills and leachate treatment plant, integrating the idea that the leachate output be pumped back over the old landfill, to aid the acceleration of the decomposition process of the organic matter.

From – To
2017 – 2023

Client | Funding
GSWMA-Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority
CDB-Caribbean Development Bank

8,4 ha

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