Carpugnane City Park


Survey and investigations, Technical and Economic Feasibility Project, Final Design, Safety Coordination during the Design Phase.

The Carpugnane city park is located in an urban area of Calenzano, in the province of Florence, that is characterised by a combination of residential units, industrial buildings, and the great motorway road system, for a total surface of 32.2 ha.
The design leans on a structure constituted by the Linear Park, which takes up and reinforces the existing connecting axes to and from the city. It actually constitutes the skeleton of the park-system, a 20-30 metre wide strip of equipped and green space, within which the main road system runs, and to which secondary routes, squares, parking areas and accesses from outside and towards internal services are connected.
The central nucleus includes the naturalistic area, that is made up of a diversified series of humid environments, with the Chiosina stream and closed to view on the other sides by earth embankments and wooded areas, to favour the stopover of migratory birds as well as the presence of many other species.
The nature area is the pivot around which other activities, areas of the park with sports, recreational, cultural and leisure functions for all age groups are developed, including: areas for physical recreation, cycling, play areas and a multi-purpose space for events. All recreational areas are interspersed with wooded areas, rows of trees, lawn areas and the remaining agricultural areas.

Implementation period

Comune di Calenzano S.r.l.

31 ha