Securing the Lami landfill


Technical assistance to the Fiji Islands Department of Environment for solid waste management: design and supervision of works to secure the Lami landfill, assistance for the management of the Naboro landfill, preparation of the National Waste Management Plan 2011-2014.

With the transformation of the Lami landfill into a public park, dignity was finally restored to one of the main entrances to the city of Suva, capital of Fiji. The use of bio-capping has also allowed the conversion of methane from the biogas into carbon dioxide, making the installation of a catchment network unnecessary and considerably lowering the overall construction cost. The management of the new park was entrusted to the adjacent community, which has suffered from the presence of the landfill for about 60 years.

Implementation period
2009 – 2013

Ministry of Finance National Planning & Sugar Industry

Ministry of Finance National Planning & Sugar Industry