Repi Landfill Conversion


Architectural design and landscaping of a new urban park in Addis Ababa in the area of the abandoned solid waste disposal site.

Winner of the international design competition launched in 2014 by AACA and the Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre and Network (HoA-REC/N), with the purpose of transforming the former landfill into a 25ha public park, the concept submitted by HYDEA was then upgraded to preliminary design level.
The new park includes a visitor centre, with a panoramic tower, a small museum, an event area, a restaurant, playgrounds, sports grounds and different types of tracks catering to skaters, bikers, joggers, etc.
Special attention was devoted to the environmental viability of the designs, including the use of on-site energy recycling technology (solar panels, rainfall collection system, wetland treatment plant, waste recycling, etc.).
Rehabilitation and drainage work in the nearby Tinshu Akaki river basin were also designed at the preliminary level.

From – To
2014 – 2015

Horn Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network
Addis Abeba City Administration (AACA)