Master Plan for the National Solid Waste Management


Review of the current waste management systems, waste generation and composition. Preliminary design of selected options for transport, treatment and disposal, rehabilitation/conversion of existing dumps, financial and institutional assessments, environmental impact assessment studies.

A particularly innovative approach has inspired a review of the National Plan for solid waste management, located in the tourist areas emerging in the Country: no new landfill has been planned, instead, a network of sorting and recycling plants was designed, coupled with transfer stations.
This has achieved the triple objective of considerably increasing the amount of waste that can be recycled, creating jobs for manual sorting, and significantly reducing the environmental impact. This last aspect is particularly important for Belize, given the presence of karstic aquifers and the second largest coral reef in the world, which it is essential to protect and preserve.

From – To
2015 – 2016

Client / Funding
IDB-Inter American Development Bank