Two are the sectors in which HYDEA has the most significant experience as a civil engineering company: hydraulic engineering and mobility. Study and design activities in the field of hydraulic engineering and infrastructure include: 

  • the study of hydrological and geomorphological phenomena aimed at assessing works’ feasibility in the field of civil engineering and water resources;
  •  the design hydraulic works such as aqueducts, sewers, purification plants, dams for both water supply and land protection, river systems, irrigation and land reclamation networks; 
  • the design of roads, railways and related works, e.g. slope adjustment, crossing works and car parks.

These activities are carried out on behalf of both public administrations and private individuals and are developed following a multidisciplinary approach, while adopting a logic of technical and economic optimisation of the proposed solutions.In these fields, HYDEA accumulated considerable experience on a global scale. The company participates, alone or as the leader of international grouping, in projects funded by multilateral aid, bi-lateral cooperation, or directly by the governments of beneficiary countries in all five continents.The cornerstone of HYDEA’s interventions in developing countries is the belief that, in order to be effective, the transfer of expertise must be accompanied by a precise knowledge of the local context and the direct involvement of the beneficiary populations.

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