Urbanization Works Serravalle Designer Outlet


Technical and economical feasibility, detailed design; Works Supervision.

In grouping with R&P Engineering

Primary Urbanization Works, developed during the different realization stages, and  subsequent expansion of the shopping centre  Serravalle Designer Outlet. The project aimes to improve the road network and the usability of the expansion area while respecting the existing infrastructures and productive and commercial activities.

More precisely, the works involved the construction of new roadways connecting the Centre and the area of insertion, new parking areas to serve the Outlet and not, and new roundabouts for vehicle shunting. At the same time as the last expansion work, the intervention also included the construction of a multi-storey car park, the redevelopment of a road subway and its neighbouring road system with two new roundabouts, and the construction of a pedestrian bridge to connect the new expansion phase beyond Provincial Road 35 bis with the pre-existing Shopping Centre.

Execution period
1998 – 2016

Serravalle Outlet Mall
McArthurGlen Group, London