Stormwater Runoff Management in Ombrone Pistoiese River Basin


Hydrologic and hydraulic assessment, detailed design, final design and construction supervision.

Ombrone Pistoiese is a tributary of the Arno river. The detention basin, near Ponte a Tigliano, with a capacity of 0.6 Mm3, is designed to control storm water runoff and mitigate flooding in the Arno river plain. The basin is home to a lacustrine ecosystem for aquatic species and birds, purposely designed to facilitate its assimilation in the surrounding riverine environment.
The hydraulic works include R.C. and stone masonry structures for the completion of the inlet weir crest and plughole discharge. The latter is controlled upstream by electrically-driven roller gates and by clapet-type check valves at the river.
The work was carried out in phases and involved temporary river diversion and bank demolition work, to heights of 9 m.

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2011 – 2013

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