Urban Upgrades in the Hann and P’tit Mbao Districts


Supervision of the urban upgrades in the Hann and P’tit Mbao districts, Dakar

The Hann Bay, facing the capital city of Dakar, is being reclaimed with funding provided by the EU. The eastern peri-urban districts of Hann and P’tit Mbao currently lack an adequate sewage system and road connections remain precarious during the rainy season. The ongoing rehabilitation work includes the upgrading of the road network with 9 km of interlocking paving, the improvement of 17 km of water supply systems, and the construction of a 38 km sewage network, which will convey the waste water to a treatment plant, yet to be built.
Additional work includes the expansion of the existing electricity distribution grid, improved street lighting and the construction of two housing lots, and associated services, to replace the slums which will be demolished shortly.

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2015 – ongoing

FDV Fondation Droit à la Ville

European Commission