Design and Supervision of the construction of 1000 social housing units and engineering infrastructure


Design of 1,000 residential units; work supervision for the construction of 440 apartments, including infrastructure and landscaping.

Established in 2002 by the Government of Djibouti, Le Fonds de l’Habitat” (FDH) recently named ARULoS – Agence de Réhabilitation Urbaine et du Logement Social plays a crucial role in providing housing for the most vulnerable segment of the population.
In 2015, in accordance with its mandate, ARULoS launched a huge construction programme to build 2,500 social housing units on a rocky plateau, located to the north of PK 12 district and to the west of Balbala, the fastest developing district in the capital city.

This assignment consists in the development of an area of approximately 25 ha for the construction of 1000 social housing units divided in four-story buildings. Thus approximately 125 buildings, constituted of 600 apartments composed of 3 main rooms and 400 apartments composed of 4 main rooms. Furthermore, the project involves the development of basic infrastructure, such as roads, water supply and wastewater networks, wastewater treatment plant, electricity networks and street lighting, landscaping work, etc.

HYDEA’s activities included the preparation of the Preliminary Design, (Urban planning, architecture, roads and infrastructure networks, landscaping) and Detailed Architecture and Engineering Design, the preparation of works tender documents and Technical assistance in the procurement procedures, and the works supervision of the first construction phase of 440 apartments and their urbanization infrastructure. Building architecture was based on bioclimatic principles to adapt to local climate and reduce energy consumption. Urban planning was designed in harmony with the land topography for a better landscape integration and to minimize earthworks.

Execution period
2016 – 2022

ARULoS – Agence de Réhabilitation Urbaine et du Logement Social

AFESD – Arab Fund for Economic and Social Developement

Floor area 
166,000 sqm