New student residence in viale della Toscana, Novoli

Florence | ITALY

Work Supervision and  Test Assistance

In the last decade, student residences have undergone radical modifications, getting ready to accomodate national and international students with increasingly complex needs.

The project for the realisation of this new student residence in Florence is part of the urban regeneration plan for the area in the north-western part of the city where one the old FIAT factories was previously located.

The building develops over 6 floors. The groundfloor presents a central court dedicated to the outdoor recreational activities, sorrounded by common areas, as study halls, a library, meeting rooms, cinema, gim and a caffetteria. The basemement is for the parking and technical rooms. The remaining parts of the building host the students’ rooms and the offices.

There will be 408 accomodations altogether – divided into basic, standard, superior and accessible to disabled people – each one equipped with bed, sofa, desk, kitchen and kitchen table.

Execution period

CDS Novoli S.r.l.

Floor area
29.000 sqm (SUL)