Corte Gioberti Mixed Use Development


Preliminary and final design, construction supervision.

Corte Gioberti, a residential and retail development, is located immediately outside the eastern portion of central Florence, on the site of a former printing house owned by publisher Giunti-Marzocco.
The (-1 + 4) complex, which was opened to the public in 2006-07, brings together a variety of living and working spaces including office space at the mezzanine level and stores at the ground floor. The residential portion of the development is limited to levels 1-4 and includes penthouses with rooftop terraces and superb views over the old city.
On the ground floor, an internal court is surrounded by shops that can also be accessed from the street, thus creating a continuum between the main complex and the rest of the surrounding district.

Execution period
2002 – 2006

Progetto Gioberti S.r.l.

Floor Area
4,900 sqm