Cotonou Drainage Project


Supervision of the hydraulic renovation works in the flood areas of the towns of Cotonou West and Abomey, Cotonou.

The aim of the Cotonou drainage project, funded by the European Union, was the renovation of the hydraulic systems in the flood quarters of the municipalities of Cotonou West and Abomey. Simultaneously, support was provided to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project, through the active involvement of the local population in the maintenance work.
Large section drainage channels over a total area of 2,100m and a 30m single span road bridge were built, and waterways were dredged to facilitate the dispersion of rainwater to the lagoon.
The accompanying measures included information/awareness campaigns, informative seminars, training seminars and assistance to the co-responsible municipal services for the organization of the maintenance and management of the project.

From – To
2008 – 2011

Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances
Ordonnateur National du FED

(Ministry of Economy and Finance
EDF National Authorizing Officer)

9° FED – European Development Fund