HYDEA, together with its partner Idragest, has started a 2-year Technical Assistance assignment for capacity building and performance improvement of water utilities in Matanzas. The project is funded by the AFD (French Development Fund).

The technical assistance focuses on supporting the INRH- National Institute for Water Resources, the water Company of the city of Matanzas and its Province. Specifically, the contract includes the management and planning of water use, the improvement of infrastructure management related to water distribution and the reduction of non-revenue water – lost, leakage or miscounted.

The assignment includes three main stages:

  1. audit and diagnosis of UEB Matanzas’ tools of the best international solutions, as well as recommendations for improvement;
  2. reduction of non-revenue water (NRW) in all its forms: production, distribution, subscriber management and leak detection;
  3. preparation of a drinking water master plan in the area served by UEB Matanzas.