Together with Studio Rossiprodi Associati, HYDEA carried out the redevelopment project that transformed the Argingrosso park in Florence into a cultural and natural oasis.

The intervention marks the end of the first phase of the future Florentia Park and culminated with the opening of a suggestive lake-view amphitheatre which, with 280 seats made of shaved concrete benches and integrated in the ground, is ready to host cultural and social events.

The green area around the existing pond, the vital heart of the entire area, was previously in a state of serious decay and was therefore reclaimed with targeted work on the existing vegetation. This, together with the creation of new pedestrian and bicycle paths, turned it into a welcoming place to explore, where visitors can fully enjoy the surrounding nature. The renewal was completed by the creation of a public lighting system to accompany the new road system and along the existing paved road that runs along the eastern side of the pond.