The first phase of the renovation of the Hotel Palazzo Montebello in Florence has been completed. The building dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, and since november 2023 is undergoing an intervention involving the palace and the small two-storey building next to it called the “Meridiana”.

In cooperation with Archea, the rooms have been renovated in terms of layout and finishes, and their number has been reduced to allow the creation of larger rooms.

The spaces of the common areas were improved through new finishes, new lighting, new customised furniture, and a new layout with commercial furniture. In particular, HYDEA was in charge of project management, coordination, design of the common areas and their customised furnishings, and H&S services.

The hall, bar, and breakfast room furnishings were developed and designed in every detail, and a special carpet was designed for all the common areas to replace the existing one, so that it could be well integrated with the pre-existing structure and the new mood.

To maintain the character of the building and at the same time renewing it, the precious marble flooring on the ground floor, the wooden portals of the common areas, some fixed furnishings and characteristic elements – such as friezes, cornices, windows frames, gratings, and mirrors – were preserved, but integrated and renewed through the use of new finishes, furnishing lights and colour choices.