Final Design for architecture, structures, plant engineering and fire prevention; supervision of works and h&s services  during the design and execution phases for the adaptation of the Emergency Room of the San Donato Healthcare Centre in Arezzo.

We are pleased to announce that HYDEA has delivered the first phase of works for the emergency room of the San Donato Hospital in Arezzo, Italy, which started operations last 11 January. This project represents an important step forward in the structural strengthening of the National Healthcare Service, in compliance with the Framework Agreement for the implementation of the reorganisation plans of the national hospital network.

Located in an area of approximately 3,400 square metres, on the first floor of the hospital’s inner ring, the emergency department has undergone a major re-functionalisation and strengthening process. Despite a comprehensive reorganisation in 2011, the COVID-19 pandemic required further adaptations to split the pathways between covid and non-covid patients, together with the implementation of the new guidelines set by the Tuscany region.

The separation of the covid and non-covid pathways was achieved through the following interventions:

  • creation of an external pre-triage room, complete with toilets, dedicated to the assessment of incoming patients;
  • creation of a covered area for parking vehicles – ambulances and private vehicles – and a covered shelter for access to the emergency room area, dedicated to covid patients;
  • punctual interventions for the installation of zones to separate the routes of suspected Covid patients from the rest of the facility, as well as necessary to comply with Fire Prevention regulations.

In order to allow direct access to the Covid area, the intervention involved the construction of a bridge made of a steel supporting structure, which connects the emergency room to the building housing the emergency room for the arrival of emergency or private vehicles.

In agreement with the Regional authority, HYDEA run the whole intervention while keeping the emergenciy room operations at full capacity.