The criticalities induced by rainfall on the territory require widespread maintenance and works for the containment and mitigation of the most extreme phenomena, such as expansion reservoirs.

The company accumulated a strong expertise in hydraulic modelling of hydrographic networks and network systems and in the design and work supervision of hydraulic interventions and hydraulic risk mitigation.

HYDEA has worked both for the public and private sectors, including local governments, basin authorities, companies of national importance such as SPEA SpA, RFI SpA, AQP SpA, to mention but a few. Some of the most relevant projects of the past are the design of the expansion reservoirs on the Arno River, the work supervision of the lamination area in the park of Sesto Fiorentino University, and hydraulic compatibility studies of bridges. In the fluvial field, it has also carried out studies with stream measurement and solid transport sampling, such as those performed for the analysis of the hydrographic network along Tuscan coast.


HYDEA designs both new urbanisation networks and hydraulic rehabilitation interventions on existing infrastructures. The main goals during its interventions are  the reduction of hydraulic losses and the improvement of the sanitary conditions. Some of the most significant projects include the final design of the sewerage and aqueduct network in several Djiubuti districts, in Tazania, Estonia and Cape Verde. 

In the designing and supervision of rainwater collection works, HYDEA has collaborated on important road projects, such as the widening of the third lane of the A1 motorway and the A14 motorway.