Distribution networks for drinking water and sewage


Feasibility study and detailed design of the drinking water and sanitation systems.

Funded by the Interamerican Development Bank (BID), the project is aimed at improving the living conditions of the 32,000 inhabitants of Gracias, the capital of the department of Lempira, by developing the drinking water and sanitation systems of the city.
The plans envisage the restructuring of the distribution network of the aqueducts – a total extension of around 90km -based on a computerized model of the entire network- and a survey for leakage.
The extension and modernization of the sewage system was also arranged, for a total development of approximately 63 km, and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant with UASB technology, anaerobic reactors with an ascending flow, sized for 40,000 p e. and for a flow of 95 l/sec.

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2013 – 2014

Municipalidad de Gracias, Lempira  
(Municipality of Gracias, Lempiras)

Interamerican Development Bank