Hydea with its partners is carrying out a technical assistance assignment for the design, work supervision and social and environmental support for the Integrated  urban development project for Layableh and Moustiquaire areas in Balbala, – PDUI2 in Djibouti, on behalf of ADDS (Agence Djiboutienne de Développement Social) . The project is financed by the AFD (Agence Française de Développement).

The project aims to improve the living conditions of urban population in the district located in the northwest of Balbala in terms of safety, health and public spaces by improving the supply of public infrastructure and facilities. To ensure the sustainability of the actions, the project strives to strengthen the community development and authorities’ capacities.

Among other activities, the social assistance component involved support for vocational training for young men and women of the district especially on construction related carreers and their inclusion in the project’s construction works activities, and on other note, the assistance and follow up of local organization for the management and collection of solid waste.

During her last visit to Djibouti, Sawsan Mohsen, HYDEA’s Head of Infrastructure for International Operations, took part to a site visit together with representatives of ADDS, AFD and the Social Support Team to oversee the ongoing works and interview the beneficiaries of these interventions, in order to measure the direct impact of the project on the local population.

Photo credits: Yacin Houssein, AFD