To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Foundation Biblioteche della Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze published “Storie di Libri”, a book that retraces its history by celebrating its book heritage.

A chapter is dedicated to the renovation work carried out by Hydea, which was able to give the rooms a contemporary feel while keeping intact the original imprint as much as possible.

The realisation process involved a coordinated set of interventions aimed at regenerating and restoring the building.

On the outside, the facades were restored and the roof of the Michelucci Hall waterproofed.

The multiple interventions designed a new and more functional distribution of the spaces. Electrical and mechanical systems where upgraded and the architectural barriers removed.

The Michelucci Staircase was completely restored from a functional and lighting point of view. The parapet was brought up to safety standards, while maintaining its original integrity.

The Fondazione Biblioteche and the Deposito Libri have been entirely renovated, with the introduction of special systems to control humidity, temperature and lighting to preserve literary works of great historical importance.

The photos of the Headquarters of the Fondazione Biblioteche Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze displayed here are a courtesy of the volume “Storie di Libri”.