Affidaty S.p.A. and Hydea S.p.A. join efforts on a scientific project on BIM and Blockchain”

Building Information Modeling allows the building process phases to be optimized through the use of interdisciplinary parametric design software that improves the interaction between and among the main actors (owner, investors, service providers, suppliers, etc.) involved in the development of any given project, from the concept design phase to the construction phase and overall management.

In this context, the Blockchain strengthens the digital connection between the actors participating in the construction process, with special reference to the relationships between the client/owner, the investors, and the design team.

Indeed, the Blockchain enhances the BIM’s digital potential in that every step in the design and construction process, including the contractual aspects, become traceable, irrefutable, and certified

On the other hand, the introduction of the Blockchain in the BIM process brings significant benefits to the construction industry, resulting in shorter delays to release permits and authorizations, while project development and implementation are streamlined and the disposal of financial resources gains in efficiency.

The aim of the research project, jointly developed by Affidaty and Hydea, is the realization of a Smart Contract format designed to manage the progress of a given BIM process, both in the design phase and in the construction phase, connecting them to the project’s financial structure.

The objectives of associating the Blockchain with the BIM process include:

  • transparency of the design process
  • disputes and lawsuits for works completed and never paid decrease dramatically
  • significant reduction in corruption and fraudulent practices, since every single step is traceable and remains unchanged over time
  • payments are safe and on schedule
  • better job opportunities for young people
  • lower backlog of unfinished works