The Family Area at Serravalle Designer Outlet


Concept masterplan, preliminary, detailed and technical design, work supervision, project monitoring.

Located inside the McArthurGlen Shopping Centre Serravalle Designer Outlet, the Family Area is a special area dedicated to children children. It consists of two areas: a playground with play towers and baby parking, and a water park equipped with the relevant services.
The two areas are characterised by a common concept that gives them a strong identity, which main features are bright rainbow colours and hexagonal shapes. A perimeter garden and a large green wall counterbalance the mineral component of the area, generating a pleasantly balanced complex.
The Playground consists of a system of hexagonal towers with play equipment, a central square covered by a marquee, a shaded picnic area, a toilet building and
a baby parking area.
The Waterpark includes a swimming pool with an interactive castle and water games, a large area equipped with furniture and kiosks, and a building for the reception and changing rooms.
All the furnishings and equipment of the indoor and outdoor spaces are customised and themed ad hoc, on the basis of the unitary concept. The screened perimeter garden «protects» the area from the outside with trees, shrubs and creepers. The irrigation system is supplemented by a system to reuse pool water
previously treated in dechlorination tanks.

Execution period

Serravalle Outlet Mall S.r.l., Milan
McArthurGlen Group, London

Floor area
6000 sqm

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