Serravalle Designer Outlet


Master plan, architectural design of the shopping centre from earlier concept stage to final design, supervision of works.

Located midway between Milan and Genoa in north-western Italy, Serravalle Designer Outlet is Europe’s largest Designer Outlet with over 200 shops, 10 restaurants, and indoor children playgrounds.

The shopping centre has had several construction phases, from the initial phase, inaugurated in 2000, to phase 6 which was completed in 2014. The architectural style is reminiscent of the characteristic architecture of Liguria and southern Piedmont.

Serravalle Designer Outlet is a beautifully crafted space, designed to enhance the visitors’ shopping experience. The colour scheme of the facades, the soft architectural lighting of the interiors and exteriors, and the meticulous landscaping of the green areas create a sense of pleasure to the visitors, who are reminded of the charming atmosphere of the traditional villages along the Italian Riviera.

Execution period
1998 – 2017 (phase 1 to 6) | further extensions are ongoing

Serravalle Outlet Mall S.r.l., Milan
McArthurGlen Group, London

Floor area
45.000 sqm

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