Outlet Village Belaya Dacha


Master plan, architectural design of the shopping center, from concept stage to final design, assistance during the construction phase (architectural works).

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is the first outlet shopping center in Russia and is located southeast of Moscow, in the town of Kotelniki, in the vicinity of the ring-road MKAD.
The commercial center consists of 10 shopping blocks and houses 180 brand stores, 8 restaurants, outdoor and indoor playgrounds for kids, and 4,000 parking places.
The general layout of the outlet shopping center, with its main entrance gates, the plazas, narrow streets and the central tower call to mind a traditional urban context and illustrate the many architectural styles that have characterized Moscow starting from the 17th century.
The masterplan was developed around the central plaza and tower, the latter being the indisputable architectural landmark of the entire outlet village.

From – To
2009 – 2014

Belaya Dacha Park LLC, Mosca
Gruppo Hines, USA

40,000 sqm