Old Town Heritage Management Plan


The Project aims to develop a sound and sustainable Heritage Management Plan for AlUla Old Town, with the aim of finding the right balance between conservation of the past and making the Old Town accessible, safe, and presentable for present and future generations. In other words, guiding both conservation and future development. 

AlUla Old Town is a unique place that is evidence of a way of sustainable cooperative community life that has largely disappeared in most parts of the World. Its sudden abandonment in the 1970s has preserved the architecture and urban fabric without modern materials or alterations. Time, water, and gravity have left their marks on the Old Town, but the earth and stone settlement has an unprecedented level of authenticity and integrity that naturally blends into the landscape, which only a few places still hold.
The large-scale project will certainly have a significant impact on the preservation of the Saudi heritage and will substantially contribute to the country’s Vision 2030.

Implementation period
2023 – ongoing

Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU)

Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU)