Hili Archaeological Park – Principal Design Consultancy Services


The primary duty of the Principal Design Consultant is to study the site and its archaeology and prepare and implement a site management plan and master plan for Hili Archaeological Park in Al Ain that meets DCT’s vision, mission and objectives. The assignment is comprised of a feasibility study stage followed by a design stage, up to the preparation of tender documents, and assistance during tendering.

Hili Archaeological Park (HAP) is part of the Cultural Sites of Al Ain a serial property that testifies to sedentary human occupation of a desert region since the Neolithic period and the only cultural asset in the UAE inscribed on the World Heritage list. Archaeological excavations in the HIli area have brought to light the remains of two ancient periods at this location: the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The two cultures – the Umm an-Nar culture and the Iron Age culture – seem to have thrived in this region some 5000 to 2500 years ago.
Over the years, the conditions of the site have greatly deteriorated due to unfavorable environmental conditions. Today, there is an urgent need of enacting an overall strategy for protecting Hili archaeological assets, including the implementation of urgent conservation solutions and the design of long-term measures aimed at the enhancement of the site.

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Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi 

Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi 

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