Palmaria Island Master Plan


Assistenza tecnica alla Regione Liguria in merito alle proposte di valorizzazione dell’isola, inserita nel sito UNESCO “Porto Venere, Cinque Terre e le isole Palmaria, Tino e Tinetto”.

Palmaria is an integral part of the UNESCO site. It has been on the World Heritage List since 1997, with the specific status of “exceptional cultural landscape”.
Following the Navy’s withdrawal from a substantial part of the island’s real estate assets, and their transfer to the town of Porto Venere, the Administration has posed the problem of how to proceed with the valorisation of this patrimony, and more in general of how to plan the sustainable development of the island following this crucial event.
The ongoing disposal process and the consequent reopening of the Palmaria island to the public offer the opportunity to rethink its development in innovative terms. This process starts not only in the light of a general notion of sustainability, but also ensuring the integrity of the landscape and environmental values that have justified the inclusion of the island in the UNESCO site.

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2017 – 2019

IRE S.p.A., Regione Liguria