Diriyah Historic Asset Conservation Plan


Development of a sustainable conservation plan addressing the identified decay pathologies on the existing earthen architecture; conduct remedial interventions focused on maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the existing historic fabric; reestablish structural integrity and stability; formulate a complete study and analysis of the development projects and the surrounding areas; prepare a comprehensive architectural design to integrate the heritage assets in the contemporary settings.

Ad-Diriyah stands as a historical settlement with evidence of habitation from prehistory, and a stratified archaeological sequence of occupation-history buried below, showcasing a unique testimony to the development of life and society in the Western Najd.

Located Northwest of the City of Riyadh, the area offers unparalleled opportunities for heritage and tourism development; from sweeping panoramic views over the sub-wadis, to the enchanting and unique urban and architectural components, the growth potential of Ad-Diriyah could set a leading example not only in the region, but also on international level.

The sustainable conservation plan will recall the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and ensure that the historical and cultural legacy of Ad-Diriyah is embodied into all assets, thus maintaining the site’s authenticity and outstanding universal value for coming generations.

Implementation period
2022 – ongoing

Diriyah Gate Development Authority & Subsidiaries (DGDA)

Diriyah Gate Development Authority & Subsidiaries (DGDA)

Cultural Heritage & Culture