Axum & Gondar World Heritage Sites


Site Planning & Conservation Activities at Axum and Gondar World Heritage Sites.

The Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Project funded by the World Bank is designed to support the development of approaches to the conservation of cultural heritage assets through site planning and conservation of archaeological and historic buildings and sites, and through the development of better information for conservation planning and threat mitigation. Under the ECHP, funding is provided for a conservation plan for the walled fortress palace complex of Fasil Ghebbi in Gondar to identify priorities for future site conservation activities, taking into specific concern the potential for increasing benefits to the community as a result of their proximity to the palace complex. Conservation works on selected historic buildings were also carried out. The development of an interpretation and documentation center is also part of the process. Training and capacity building for site planning and interpretation are key elements of this activity. With regard to Axum, the project provides for site planning activities for the town’s archeological sites, including the development of a new archeological museum which is currently under construction. Site planning activities are focusing on specific needs for better site presentation and interpretation.

2005 – 2008

Ethiopian Tourism Commission

World Bank