Euromed Heritage IV


Euromed Heritage IV is the final phase of the EU flagship programme that aims to protect and enhance cultural heritage in the southern Mediterranean region.
In addition to ensuring overall coordination of the programme including across the board activities (training, networking, events, etc.), HYDEA and partners were responsible for overseeing the 12 projects funded by the Programme. The aim of these projects was to explore new avenues, so that the general public can be increasingly exposed to, educated in, and made aware of their national and regional cultural legacies.

Euromed Heritage IV intends to take care of our past to protect our future. It promotes the preservation of historic sites, ancient dialects, wooden doors and old manuscripts, the rehabilitation of modern buildings and millennial theatres, to safeguard the identity of future generations and to contribute to their mutual understanding.
As such, the Programme is a unique opportunity to foster intercultural dialogue, while providing a significant contribution to the debate on the meaning and value of cultural heritage across the Mediterranean region, and beyond.

In association with ICOMOS (F), Culture Lab and AESA (B), London Metropolitan University (UK).

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European Commission, DG DEVCO

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