Castelluccio di Norcia is a small hamlet of Norcia (PG), which stands at 1,452 metres above sea level. It is also known as “Little Tibet” for its unique natural scenery. The earthquakes in 2016 and in particular the one on the 30th of October almost razed the entire village to the ground.

In order to rebuild the city centre, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia, together with Umbria Regional Authority, set up a pilot project. The rebuilding will be carried out using concrete structural slabs of over 6,000 sq metres that will seismically isolate all the buildings, sheltering them from the risk of new earthquakes.

Due to Castelluccio’s conformation and its proximity to the vector fault that caused the quake on October 30th, the project envisages the construction of two anti-seismic platforms, one for each of the two parts into which the village is divided. The first will be built “Under the Walls” and the other “Above the Walls” for a total of about 6.000 sq metres. The foundation is a reinforced concrete slab a little less than 1 m thick and equipped at the top with supports where seismic isolators are installed. A free space between the foundation and the insulated slab, which is partially visible, will be used for inspection and maintenance operations and for the positioning of the underground systems and sub-services.

Hydea is part of the grouping of companies that will carry out the technical and economic feasibility, concept and final design, safety coordination and work supervision of the intervention.