Ahwash is the plural of hosh, being the traditional house complex around a courtyard typical of Palestinian vernacular architecture; Accordingly, Hydea in partnership with Habash Consulting Engineers and the Municipality of As’ Samou have protected and preserved these Ahwash through implementing  the “Vernacular heritage Pilot Enhancement Project” in As’ Samou’, an ancient town to the South of Hebron in the West Bank. The project was implemented within the framework of the Cultural Protection Fund funded by British Council (see news) and the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The aim of this web platform ahwash.ps is to share the experience of As’ Samou community and the holistic process that was put in place by an international and local working group based on a participatory and inclusive approach. The project emerged from the needs of the community and based on a strategic approach for safeguarding the architectural heritage, protecting memory and shaping the future in the best way possible.

We invite you to browse the web platform in English and Arabic version.