New Linear Park of “Porto Vecchio”


Detailed and Final Design.

The ‘Porto Vecchio’ of Trieste stretches for about 66 hectares along the city waterfront, from the Ponte Rosso canal in the heart of the city to the bathing area of Barcola. It features a succession of large building volumes, originally used as warehouses for goods during the Austro-Hungarian rule.

With the development of new ways of transporting goods, the area and the 19th-century warehouses fell into disuse. Unable to cope with the new requirements imposed by commercial traffic, the area remained abandoned.
The Municipality of Trieste thus launched the Porto Vivo initiative. It is one of the most important urban redevelopment and reorganisation projects in the Mediterranean basin. The initiative envisages, among other things, the transformation of a huge, now unused area into an urban forest between the Karst and the city.
The project ‘Porto Vecchio di Trieste, the new renaissance of the city – Linear green park of industrial archaeology from the Barcola embankment to the city centre’ envisages:

  • The creation of a sequence of green spaces supported by the longitudinal structure of the paths that deviate from the design of the existing paths;
  • The creation of 6 thematic landscape areas, contained by two headwater ponds and some axis enlargements.


Comune di Trieste

66 ha

In collaboration with
CNS Consorzio Nazionale Servizi, Infratech, Edileric