Florentia Village Jingjin Designer Outlet


Master plan, concept and detailed architectural and landscaping design, work supervision (architectural and landscaping work).

The Florentia Village (FV) Jingjin Luxury Designer Outlet is approximately 90 km SE of Beijing, in a rapidly growing urban area near the city of Tianjin, called the Wuqing District. It was inaugurated in 2011 and is the first Italian style outlet village ever built in China.
The client envisioned the commercial outlet as having distinctly Italian inspired architecture and atmosphere. Therefore, HYDEA created a project that unequivocally reflects our countries’ style, represented by a series of iconic landmarks, unmistakably ‘Italian’ in the collective imagination.
A section of Venice’s Grand Canal, the Arena di Verona, represented by a large elliptical piazza, and a porticoed area that unmistakably evokes the Loggia de’ Lanzi in Florence, are all included within the perimeters of the Outlet. One of the outlet’s entrances is clearly inspired by the bell tower of San Marco, and the commercial buildings have a distinctly Italian flavour, both in the architecture and in the colour palette.

From – To
2009 – 2014

Florentia Village Tianjin (RDM Asia + Waitex Group)

Surface Area
48,500 sqm