Hydea was awarded the contract for work supervision and direction of execution and safety coordination for the renovation of the operating block of the San Donato hospital in Arezzo. Part of the assignment are also the supply and installation of medical equipment and furnitures.

Focus of the intervention is the construction of a new operating block located on the south-east side of the hospital, within the hospital’s inner ring. This will improve the healthcare supply and the management of the transitional phases prior to the construction of additional operating blocks.

Thanks to the renovation of the operating block, the entire area will undergo a total re-functioning, in order to overcome the current criticalities. Such an intervention will create a department able to meet the constantly evolving needs of surgical activity. The new operating rooms will be technologically and structurally advanced, comfortable, and modern .

The new space, systems, technologies and equipments will create an integrated space, where every function can be controlled and guaranteed and where management and maintenance operations remain simple and effective over time.