Villa Mondeggi Estate is a late medieval residence and monumental complex that belonged to the Counts Della Gherardesca for over four centuries. It consists of the manor, the gardens embellished by the presence of statues and fountains, as well as appurtenance stands, all surrounded by almost 170 hectares of land.

As the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, provides investments aimed at fostering a better social inclusion in urban or suburban areas that are in particular situation of social decay, the Metropolitan City of Florence decided to allocate part of those resources for territorial and social regeneration right to Villa Mondeggi Estate, being one of the main cultural heritage assets of the territory, among its property since 1964.

Hydea, group leader of a grouping that includes the GreenHaus studio, Hlab Engineering – a spin-off of Hydea, Arch. Andrea Meli, and the Geologist Riccardo Martelli, won the tender.

The assignment requires the concept and final ìdesign and the health and safety services during the design phase of territorial regeneration of Mondeggi Estate, which includes the Mondeggi manor, the historic gardens, the chapel and the gardener’s house.

The designing phase has recently begun and envisages the recovery of all the buildings with a conservative and re-functionalisation philosophy.

The entire complex will so be improved to host different social activities, such as conferences, lessons, catering, hospitality, and agriculture.