The Pinocchio Park in Collodi was realised between the 1950s and 1960s, with the contribution of various artists and architects, including the sculptor and designer Emilio Greco, the architects Renato Baldi and Lionello De Luigi, and the sculptor Venturino Venturi. It was completed in the 1970s by the landscape architect Pietro Porcinai.

The Park is a unique combination of art, literature, architecture, nature and game. A magical place where the narrative path traced by Carlo Lorenzini meets the works of some of the greatest artists of the post World War II period in Italy.

As the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, established investments aimed at fostering the regeneration of small cultural sites and enhancing the identity of historic parks and gardens, the Carlo Collodi National Foundation decided to implement a renovation project.

Hydea was entrusted with the design and supervision of works for the renovation of the Pinocchio park, with the mandate to restore the iconic character, in contraposition to the bigger leisure parks.

In addition to the restoration and recovery of the vegetal, landscape and art components, the park will also undergo a technological update, with a modernization of plant engineering and a high degree of eco-sustainability.