Pinocchio Park in Collodi

Pescia | ITALY

Final Design and Works Supervision

The Pinocchio Park is an unicum worldwide, a unique combination of art, literature, architecture, nature and plygrounds. It’s a magical place where the storytelling traced by Carlo Lorenzini is marked by the works of some of the greatest artists of the Italian post World War II period.

The Carlo Collodi National Foundation is the implementing party of the park recovery project, within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). The aim is to foster the regeneration of small cultural sites and, in particular, to enhance the identity of places in historic parks and gardens.

The focus of the renovation project  is its iconographic recovery. In addition to the restoration of the architecture and art work and the renewal of the gardens, the project intends to update the whole experience of the park, by adding a series of contemporary interpretations and new narrative levels.

Besides the restoration and recovery of the plants, landscape and artistic components, the park is undergoing a technological updte, with a modern engineering system for ita monitoring that will help to reach  high eco-sustainability sandards.

Implementation period
2022 – ongoing

National Foundation Carlo Collodi

2,5 ha