Flood Mitigation Master Plan for the Abruzzo Region


A regional study of the hydrogeological structure, landslides and erosion process in the Abruzzo Region, with special reference to the the watersheds which are important at a regional level and the interregional Sangro river basin. Identification of the areas which are at hydrogeological risk and need to be safeguarded.

The study was articulated in four phases. During the initial phase, cartographic and documentary data was collected from the various relevant Authorities and analysed, followed by a phase of interpretation of all the information collected on the territory, in order to identify the relevant issues and the necessity for further data. The project proceeded with the creation of the required planning tools (a map of the areas at risk, specific detailed studies in scale, a landslide inventory, mapping of landslide and erosion-prone areas, implementing legislation).
Finally, the information phase, aimed at providing clarity and the organisation of the diffusion of information and know-how. This was achieved by setting up a “Press and External Relations Service”, through dialogue with stakeholders and decision-makers, the organization of events such as seminars, workshops and conferences and the WEB publication on the Abruzzo Region site.

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2001 – 2003

Abruzzo Regional Council