Environmental Impact Assessment, A1 Motorway


Collaboration on the Environmental Impact Assessment for the 3rd lane on the A1 – Milan-Naples motorway, between Florence South and Incisa Valdarno.

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) involved the compilation of the findings relating to the policy framework, the environmental characteristics of the water bodies, soil, vegetation, flora and fauna, ecosystems and landscape, and the assessment of each environmental component, the scale of impact (during the construction and the subsequent use), the degree of sensitivity, the severity of the impact, the level of mitigation. In addition, all environmental mitigation measures were designed at the preliminary level.
The 1st phase of the study permitted the identification of the main environmental elements, and which is the impact of the different project alternatives on these elements, allowing the selection of the optimal route. In the 2nd phase, the documentation for the EIA was completed, analysing the environmental impact of the chosen route, designing the mitigation works to be implemented and planning the  corresponding monitoring activities.

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2002 – 2010