Saint-Marcel River Basin – Soil Erosion Assessment


Soil erosion risk assessment, analysis of current programmes for erosion control, preliminary design of erosion and flood mitigation works.

Saint Marcel is a small stream flowing across the homonymous valley, in the north-western Italian Alps. HYDEA’s environmental team was employed by the regional authorities to conduct surveys and assess the consequences of abnormally heavy rainfall in the watershed, in terms of flooding and debris flow hazards.
In addition to the soil erosion risk, current erosion control and flood mitigation measures were also assessed, along with the effectiveness of existing flood-protection works.
The initial diagnostic phase, based on the analysis of historic data and documents, was accompanied by field surveys as appropriate. This was followed by the assessment of all the information collected regarding soil erosion risk.
Finally, HYDEA was responsible for the preliminary design for the improved flood mitigation and the erosion protection work.

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2008 – 2010

Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta