Environmental Monitoring, A1 Motorway


Environmental monitoring of vegetation and fauna and scientific guidance in the analysis of instrumental and experimental data, included in the project for the construction of the third lane on the Sasso Marconi – South Florence section of the A1 Motorway.

The monitoring activities supplied accurate data on the environmental components of vegetation, soil and fauna by using a series of measurements and surveys and reporting any changes that may have occurred over time.
The monitoring of the vegetation verified the impact caused by the construction of the infrastructure on the local ecosystem, in terms of quantity, spontaneity or rarity. Soil monitoring verified the presence and extent of potential interference factors on their composition and structure.
The monitoring of the fauna explored the presence of animals and how their survival could be affected by the elimination and fragmentation of the habitats, the alterations produced by morphological changes (excavations, fillers, aggregate deposits), the effects of the infrastructures that create a barrier effect against of the movements of the terrestrial fauna, the clashes between vehicles and animals.

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