BIM (Building Information Modeling)

What is BIM?

BIM, acronym for Building Information Modeling, means an integrated design method that allows to enter and combine data on a specific project, obtaining a three-dimensional digital representation with a high level of detail and information related to its constituent elements.
This unique information management has deeply transformed the construction sector, especially for what concerns public works and large private projects, because it is interdisciplinary, dynamic and shared.

cosa e il BIM - what is BIM - Building Information Modeling

Through the support of one or more softwares and a cloud platform, the BIM method makes possible to optimize each phase of a building’s life cycle, allowing all the subjects and professionals involved to cooperate easily.
Multidisciplinarity is BIM’s strongsuite, as well as its ability to control all the aspects related to the project, avoiding error and dispersion of data.

BIM e Blockchain

The aim of the research project, jointly developed by Affidaty and Hydea, is the realization of a Smart Contract format designed to manage the progress of a given BIM process.

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