Cinecittà World


Detailed design and final design of landscaping and irrigation works, including green spaces, flowerbeds, footpaths and recreational facilities, work supervision.

During its near 80-year history, the Cinecittà film studios lured the world’s greatest directors and biggest film stars to Italy’s capital city, earning it the title of Hollywood on the Tiber.
Now the Studios are counting on rekindling the interest of visitors by presenting Cinecittà World, a new theme park dedicated to the golden era of Cinecittà.
The park brings attractions and rides inspired by some of the many movies filmed in Rome’s studios, and recreates the sets of a few of the genre (Manhattan in the 1920s, Ancient Rome, the Old West, etc.).
Cinecittà World is around 30 km southwest of the studios, on the grounds of another former historic film studio (Dino’s Studios) built by Dino De Laurentiis in the 1960s.

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