Castello di Fonterutoli Winery


Assistance during the contractual phase and construction supervision of the new winery.

The objective of the project in Fonterutoli was to concentrate under one roof the entire process of wine making that was dispersed across a number of different buildings throughout the estate. This was achieved by conducting –inter alia– an accurate assessment of the production capacity of the wine estate.
The intervention, which consisted of the expansion of the existing cellar, is located in the “Chianti Classico” wine district.
The morphology of the land permitted a large part of the winery to be underground, maintaining the land’s natural landscape.
The building has a surface area of 9,400 m2 and a volume of 45,000 m3. The barrique cellar, situated in the lower level, is 2,990 m2 and has openings at the rear that look out onto natural springs running down the rock wall.
The cellar where the fermentation vats are held is 1,170 m2 and a has a production capacity of 7,200 hl.

From – To
2003 – 2009

Marchesi Mazzei S.p.A.

Floor Area
9,400 sqm