Strategic Study of the Cultural Industries


Assessment of the current state of cultural industries from an economic, social and institutional perspective; identification of the cultural industries with the highest potential for development, and assessment of their contribution to GDP; identification of the main domains based on which a national strategy for the cultural industries can be formulated and implemented.

All over the world, cultural industries are increasingly viewed as a powerful force in economic and social development, albeit they are often subsidized by the state or private sponsors.
Tunisia’s Ministry of Culture engaged the services of HYDEA and its partner, Milan-based University Luigi Bocconi, to conduct a strategic study aimed at identifying the cultural industries in the country with the highest potential for development, in terms of employability, export capacity, appeal to foreign investors, etc.
The study comes at a critical time in Tunisia’s national history, for the pioneer of the ‘Arab Spring’ is experiencing a difficult transition to full democracy and an uncertain political and institutional setting.

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2013 – 2014

Ministry of Culture, Tunis

African Development Bank

Cultural Heritage & Culture